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Coverages and Benefits

Advantage Marine Insurance LLC in Kemah, TX provides a wealth of coverages to fit boaters’ needs in the Gulf Coast. 

AquaPac Insurance Program 

Our exclusive AquaPac Boat Insurance Program is a nationally recognized leader in the pleasure boat insurance marketplace. AquaPac provides comprehensive and affordable coverage, and accommodates the full spectrum of boats, from personal watercraft to mid-sized family boats (even large sail and power yachts).

Program Highlights 

Vessels up to 26’ of any value (yachts 27’ and greater for values under $100,000)

National protection, with generous navigation limits

Agreed value hull coverage on majority boats

Replacement cost coverage available for boats new to 5 years

Protection and Indemnity (liability) includes coverage for wreck removal, non-owned boats, and protection for captain/crew

Contaminant spill/pollution liability

Generous limits included for personal effects, towing, medical payments (increased limits available)

Disappearing deductible included on most boats

TradeWinds Yacht Policy for Boats 27 feet and up CLICK HERE

The TradeWinds Yacht policy is a comprehensive package of standard program coverages, as well as a suite of affordable endorsement options. 

Highlights of the standard policy coverages and commonly selected endorsements include:

Hull Coverage

  • Agreed Value: Total losses paid without depreciation; including trailer (if purchased) and scheduled tender.
  • Consequential Damage: Covers ensuing fire, explosion, sinking, collision, or de-masting caused by otherwise excluded situations.
  • Partial Losses: Most partial loss claims are settled at cost for repair or replacement without depreciation.
  • Emergency Service & Towing: Included at $5,000 and available up to $25,000, on and off water.
  • Named Storm Protection Coverage: Reimburses necessary haul out or movement of covered property from path of a named storm, up to $1,000 for a named storm, or $2,000 per policy period.
  • Rental Reimbursement: Up to $2,500 if a rental is needed due to a covered loss to the yacht.
  • Electronics Deductible: $250 deductible for marine navigation and communication equipment.
  • Unscheduled Tender: Market Value (ACV) coverage included at a limit of $5,000 with a deductible.

P&I / Liability

  • Captain and Crew: Covers bodily injury to captain/crew under USL&H, Jones Act, etc. Included at a sublimit of $25,000 (matching P&I available).
  • Wreck Removal: Covers cost to raise or remove a vessel that becomes a wreck or salvage.
  • Defense Costs: Provided at a limit equal to (and in addition to) P&I.
  • Marine Environmental Damage: $100,000 limit for damage to coral reef or government protected waterway.
  • Search and Rescue: $10,000 included for expenses incurred by a government unit such as the USCG.

Contaminant Spill/Pollution Liability: Covers accidental discharge of a contaminant caused by an accident. Included at a limit of $854,400; in addition to the P&I limit.

Medical Payments: $25,000 for customary first aid, surgery, and medical expenses ($50,000 available).

Uninsured / Underinsured Boater: Covers injuries to you or your passengers caused by an uninsured or underinsured owner/operator of another vessel; limit equal to chosen P&I.

Personal Effects (including Fishing and Sporting equipment): $10,000 of replacement cost protection included for your personal items brought aboard the yacht. Higher limits are available.

Optional Coverage and Commonly Requested Endorsements

  • Extended Navigation Endorsements: Bahamas (full and limited) and Western Mexico (Pacific and Sea of Cortez) available.

  • Hull Market Value: Reduces hull coverage to Market Value (ACV); with a 25% decrease in hull premium.

  • Hull Replacement Cost: Covers additional appreciated cost during vessel replacement (subject to a cap).

  • Occasional Business Use: Passenger charters for fishing and sightseeing, and non-passenger situations such as sale of catch.

  • Outdrive-Outboard Coverage Extension: Replacement cost loss settlement for an outdrive or outboard of any age (standard policy is Market Value/ACV for outboards/outdrives over 10 years old).

  • Personal Watercraft: Market Value/ACV coverage provided for personal watercraft added to the policy that is in service or equipment of the covered yacht.

  • Pro Angler / Tournament Reimbursement: Covers full time professional anglers, or loss of tournament fees paid, because the angler can’t attend because of a covered claim or a death in the immediate family.


Advantage Marine Insurance LLC provides specialized boat insurance for fisherman, designed by fisherman and no one else. 

Fishing enthusiasts take pride in their boats, trailers, rods and reels. 

The FishOn Insurance programs is the #1 choice for insurance among fisherman, providing industry leading coverage under one policy at an affordable price.

5 Reasons Why FishOn is #1

  1. Competitive Coverage
  2. A specialty coverage designed by fishermen, for the needs of fishermen.
  3. Competitive Rates
  4. Just because you’re buying a better policy doesn’t mean you have to pay higher rates.
  5. Fights for Your Right to FISH
  6. A portion of your premium goes back into legislative programs that fight the constant attack to close waterways from fishermen.
  7. Knowledgeable Staff
  8. We insure fishermen and boaters, nothing else. Our knowledge makes the process easy for you.
  9. In-house Claims
  10. Faster and more accurate turn around to get you back out on the water to fish.

Personal Effects and Fishing Tackle Coverage

Generous limits protect all your valuable gear, including those $80 swim baits. Unlike other programs, we don’t have a lower cap for individual baits or rods.

Pro Angler/Guide Coverage

Are you a pro? Do you have a guide business? FishOn can provide the coverage, at a cost much lower than an expensive commercial policy.

Additional Repair Coverage

We will pay for additional repairs needed due to faulty workmanship or undetected damage that is part of the original covered loss. And you don’t pay another deductible.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Covers the cost to rent a replacement boat while yours is in the shop for covered repairs.

Emergency Services and Towing

In case of emergency (i.e. dead battery, ran out of gas, lost the keys overboard), $1,000 is included with the policy and higher levels of coverage are available. There’s even coverage if the trailer breaks down. 

Tournament Fee Reimbursement

Reimburses you for prepaid entry fees for a tournament that you miss because your boat, primary motor, or trailer is inoperable due to a covered loss. Also covers your prepaid entry fees if you cannot fish due to a death of an immediate family member.

Additional Key Benefits

  • Insurance Coverage While You Are Fishing During Tournaments
  • Legal Defense Cost Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Contaminant Spill/Pollution
  • Liability Coverage
  • Wreck Removal Expense Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage for You and Your Guests
  • Flexible premium payment options and the ability to charge your insurance premium to your Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover card

Optional Total Loss Replacement Cost Coverage

If you suffer a total boat, motor, trailer loss, we’ll buy you a new one and replace all of the equipment. As a specialty marine insurance agency, we understand the various forms of boat insurance coverage. Some insurance policies only offer to pay the current (depreciated) market value of your boat. Some pay the “agreed value” limit of your boat insurance policy.

  • In 2014, a total loss claim occurs
  • ACV – Actual Cash Value = $35,000 (pays depreciated market value of boat) 
  • Agreed Value Coverage = $50,000 (pays limit of policy)
  • FishOn Total Loss Replacement Cost Coverage = $60,000 (pays replacement cost of like-kind boat, motor, trailer)


Not every agency understands that your boat deserves specialized attention. Our standards are higher. We offer only marine specialty products that are specifically tailored to your needs.

It is a simple formula. Provide the broadest protection, at the lowest price available, and accommodate all boats and yachts. 

Competitive Price and Coverage

We’ll look at all of our companies to give you the best coverage at the best price.

Offer Only Specialized Marine Markets

Access a dozen highly-rated, specialized marine insurance markets; some not available anywhere else. 

In-House Claims

Faster, more accurate turnaround to get you back on the water and boating. 

Knowledgeable Staff

Boat owners, boat enthusiasts and a veteran sales team makes up our staff. Our knowledge makes the process easier for you.

Fights for Your Boating Rights

A portion of your premium goes back to legislative programs that protect you against the constant attack to close waterways. 

Agreed Value Protection

Automatically included on the majority of boats. Customized coverages available.

Protection & Indemnity

More than just “watercraft liability” coverage. Includes coverage for Wreck Removal, Legal Defense, Non-Owned vessels, and Longshoremen/Harborworkers.

Contaminant Spill / Pollution Liability

Maximum limits included for covered pollution spills from your boat/yacht.

Superior Personal Effects

Generous coverage included on each policy and is available at levels to fit your needs. Coverage is primary, so no need to file claims on your homeowner’s policy

Medical Payments

For you and your passengers.

Disappearing Deductible

Reduced by 25% for each claims free policy year, until it is zero.

Emergency Service & Towing

On the water, or off, including on the road protection for trailer breakdowns.

Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters Coverage

Covers you when others are at fault and don’t have insurance, or don’t have enough to cover your injuries.

Coverage for named storm haul-out, rental reimbursement, repairs guaranteed. (included on yachts; optional for smaller vessels)

  • In two years a total loss claim occurs:
  • ACV—Actual Cash Value = $35,000 (pays depreciated market value of boat) 
  • Agreed Value Coverage = $50,000 (pays limit of policy) 
  • AquaPac Total Loss Replacement Cost Coverage = $60,000 (pays replacement cost of like-kind boat, motor, trailer